[Loopback] Can I route things so that phones2 is exclusively loopback?

Hey, folks. Just picked up an AudioFuse Studio. Lovely piece of hardware.

I’m using the built in hardware loopback to capture the output of my Main Mix so I can stream my audio from Ableton (and my Desktop) through OBS. This works for the most part, however, the audio from the loopback channel clips (cuts out, distorts, etc.) at a much lower volume than my speakers and headphones do. So I’d like to be able to route things so that the only output signal going to my Phones 2 jack is the loopback signal so I can quickly monitor when preparing a live session mix for streaming. Is this possible?

So Speakers A/B would be my Main Mix, Phones 1 would be my Main Mix, but Phones 2 would specifically be just the signal coming from the Loopback channel.

If this is not possible, what’s the best way to monitor the loopback channels for live mixing? I can play it via the monitor feature on the audio input in OBS, but that has it’s own set of problems (namely that I can hear both Ableton and the OBS output, and that OBS monitor also feeds back and becomes a part of the main mix).

edit: P.S. Can we get a loopback tag? I’ve been searching for loopback stuff for the last two days. Might make finding relevant forum content easier for myself and others in the future.

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