Looking for someone who has a Minilab 3 + Ableton Live

I am having a lot of trouble finding a user who has a Minilab 3 and uses Ableton Live, as I would like him to help me reproduce a problem, and I think it would be faster if we do the test together and then share the results on the forum. Please, would anyone be willing?

My problem is using Ableton Live’s EnableArmOnSelection function, which allows to arm a track when it is selected.

When I use the Pads of the minilab 3 to select a track, it is indeed armed. And on a second press, it goes into record mode.

However, half the time, when selecting a track, all 3 things happen at the same time: Select track, arm, and enter record.

I can’t figure out why this behavior is inconsistent. Please, anyone willing to test?

I have a Minilab 3 and use Ableton Live. I’m happy to help you reproduce the problem and test it together on the forum. Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll be there.

As for the problem itself, it sounds like the EnableArmOnSelection function is not working consistently. This could be due to a number of factors, such as a bug in Ableton Live, a conflict with another plugin, or a problem with the Minilab 3 itself.

To test the problem, we can try the following:

  1. Create a new Ableton Live project.
  2. Add a new track and arm it.
  3. Select the track using the Minilab 3 pads.
  4. Observe the behavior of the track.

If the track is armed and enters record mode, then the EnableArmOnSelection function is working as expected. If the track is selected, armed, and enters record mode all at the same time, then the function is not working consistently.

Once we have reproduced the problem, we can start to troubleshoot it by trying the following:

  • Update Ableton Live to the latest version.
  • Disable any other plugins that you are using.
  • Try using a different MIDI controller.

If you are still having problems, then you can report the bug to Ableton support.

I hope this helps!

Thank you @TingxoGamchu

I think that your test is not well formulated:

  1. Create a new Ableton Live project.
  2. Add a new track and arm it.
  3. Select the track using the Minilab 3 pads.
  4. Observe the behavior of the track.

The PAD of the minilab 3 performs: Selecting the track and triggering the interaction (Stop, Play, Record).

As the test is set up, the track is armed and therefore the interaction is “Record”. Thus, when you press the pad the operation is “Select, Record” . The EnableArmOnSelection does not come into play, the track was already armed.

Please run my test.

EnableArmOnSelection enabled
In Live settings: Record/Warp/Launch > Default Launch = Toggle

  • Track 1: MIDI Instrument

  • Track 2: MIDI Instrument

  • Select track 1 with the mouse

  • Press Pad 1 of the Minilab > And this triggers:

    • Track 1 selection (although it was already selected)
    • Track arming (even if it was already armed)
    • The interaction of Track 1 in Scene 1 is executed = Recording starts.
  • Record some sound

  • Press Pad 1 again >

  • Stops recording and starts loop playback

Press Pad number 2 (this point is the most critical, it is necessary to run many tests to appreciate the difference)

Behavior A (and this is the behavior I expect)

  • Select track 2
  • Assemble the track
  • It does NOT go into recording, until I click again on Pad 2.

Behavior B

  • Selects the track
  • Arm the track
  • It enters directly in recording mode

Because of these differences in behavior when Pad 2 is pressed, I think that the EnableArmOnSelection is not always executed at the same time.

My theory is:
Behavior A:

  • Track selection
  • The interaction is executed (Stop)
  • The EnableArmOnSelection is done.

Behavior B

  • Track selection
  • EnableArmOnSelection is made
  • Interaction is executed (Record)

@TingxoGamchu Hi! Please, did you see the explanation of the test?


Hi @sorroG ,

I am admittedly a newbie in both Minilab 3 and Abletone Live. However I did try to reproduce your steps as described very clearly in your 2nd message in the thread. What I am seeing is as follows:

  1. Unless I manually arm either track with the mouse, neither track is armed when I press the pad.
  2. Once a track is armed, it does respond to the pad by starting and stopping recording in Track 1.
  3. If the track is not manually armed (in my case, I disable both MIDI tracks’ arming), it goes into Play mode when I hit the corresponding pad.
  4. I am not sure how to use the pad to arm the track.

I guess what I am trying to say is that EnableArmOnSelection is not working using the pads. I imagine this fundamental action is missing in the scenario you described and that I tried to emulate.

I noticed another peculiarity. Pad 2 goes into loop Play mode as soon as I select it. However, pressing the pad again produces no result. It continues to loop. Pad 2, however, does respond to Start and Stop as expected.

Does this help at all, or have I confused you?

Best wishes!