Looking for good quality Travelling Bag for MiniLab 3

I was searching for a Travelling Bag that is dedicated for my Mini Lab 3 by Arturia but I couldn’t found.
However I found such bag from different manufactures.

as for my Amazon region there are only few brands like: Hermitshell, khanka Hard Travel Case, LTGEM Travel Hard Carrying.

Those are not dedicated for Mini Lab 3. instead they only for Mini Lab 2.
so I’m not sure if my MiniLab 3 could fit in one of those cases.

So do you know or recommend a good quality travelling bag that is dedicated to MiniLab 3?

Hi @Analogia welcome to our community!

Yeah, I search it and there’s no dedicated bag for the Minilab 3 BUT I own the Minilab MKII and the Minilab 3 and I made a dedicated bag for my Minilab MKII and found that It has the same size as the Minilab 3 so, I think the bag you see for the Minilab MKII works for the Minlab 3.

I hope this helps you! See you around!

I bought the Hermitshell case and the MiniLab 3 fitted fine. However it was a very tight fit, though I guess that is preferred to having it move around inside the case. I was disappointed with the build quality though. While the case surface is hard, it is not solid and very flimsy. It would prevent damage from light knocks, but if something heavy fell into the middle of the case I don’t think it would offer much protection at all.