Looking for a specific kind of sound. Any tips are welcome!

In a video about HIVE I found this sound, which I find amazing:

Being just a beginner with Pigments and sound design, I don’t even know what to look for to find something similar in Pigments. :man_shrugging:
Browsing all > 1800 sounds doesn’t help, after a while I’m nothing but confused and overwhelmed. :exploding_head:

What ‘type’ would that sound be called? What genre, style and characteristics to look for?

If you have any tips for sounds in Pigments that come close, that’d be very much appreciated!
Or some hints about the basic ‘ingredients’ of such a sound so I could give it a try to build it from scratch.

Thank you!

Which sound were you referring to specicially?

The sound that is played at the timestamp in the link (10:52).

Hi, you can have a listen to the Loved by everyone preset (Brass&Winds). Not quite there, but it sounds close to me.

Now, I’m nowhere near advanced sound design, still here’s a screenshot of the Hive patch, most settings there can be applied to Pigments.

You mean ‘Loved by everyone’ preset from HIVE or Pigments?
Within Pigments, I don’t find such preset… :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the screenshot, I’ll see what I can extract from it.

Ah, my bad sorry. It’s in the Bass Thermal library.

Anyway, the idea is to follow the OSCs, Filters given, plus the enabled effects.

The sound around the 11:00 mark is Brass type. I found Pigments preset “Silvermoon” from “Nhar on Pigments” sound bank is kinda similar, but it’s a relatively simple sound to make.

A basic version is to start with a saw wave and a low-pass filter, and roll the filter cutoff back. Use an envelope to modulate the filter cutoff so it starts high and quickly drops back down, giving that brass attack right at the start of each note.

Unfortunately, I don’t own the “Silvermoon” preset and I don’t want to buy the whole package to check it out.

I’ll follow your tips and with a saw wave and the filter and see where it takes me.

Here is a starting point for that sound. Two key parameters in the preset are Env2 to adjust the filter change, and I mapped velocity to Env2 decay to add dynamics. You can reverse the velocity map value if you want the opposite affect to your soft/hard playing. You’ll have to experiment with filter types from the warmth you want. You can also mapped cutoff to after touch or mod wheel instead of a knob,

Pigments_Preset_A Sound_20240205_11h53.pgtx (116.9 KB)

Great, I’ll try that out!
Thank you :pray:

Any progress?

Hi @jblongz ,
sorry, I thought I had answered already :face_with_peeking_eye:
Yes, quite some progress!
I listened to and re-engineered your sample and realized, how much very tiny changes on some parameters make a huge difference for the sound.
That said, I have created something that is a good basis for continuing to dive ever deeper into the finesse of sound design.
It’s fun! :slight_smile:

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What’s characteristic for this patch that you shared is called “horn effect”. You can get that by routing envelope 2 to your lowpass filter and increase the attack time a little bit (1-2 seconds). That will create the initial swell. I also think the patch is set to legato, so you can play connected notes without retriggering the filter attack.

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Actually, I figured that out by reengineering some other sounds and a lot of try and error (proudofmyself ;-))

But thank you for the tip anyways!!
Always welcome, there is still soooo much to learn!

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