Long notes cut off by drum track

Weird issue on my BSP: I can program long, tied over low (Eb-1 or lower) notes on my Seq 1 or 2. As soon as I unmute my drum channel, the ties no longer work, and the note cuts off after the first step.
Higher notes work fine.
Has anyone else experienced that?

Hi @xtoph

Sorry to hear about the issue faced,

Do you have the drum map set to a custom mapping with possibly an element sharing the same midi channel as the seq 1 or 2 ?

If you do maybe you have a high priority note take over on the synth connected which would explain why this occurs solely under a certain note.


Thanks for the reply. After further investigation, it may be an issue outside the BSP. The problem occurs when I route the BSP and the other synths into may Akai MPC One. In its MIDI settings I set the synths to listen to channels 1,2 and 10 (drums) from the BSP.
When the BSP sends two of the same notes, say C1, from two channels, one of the notes gets cut off.
This does not occur when I don’t route MIDI through the MPC, but make direct connections to my synths.