Logic Pro X transport key commands keeps changing Analog Lab V preset, while Minilab 3 is connected

Hi all,

I’m facing an irritating issue while using my Minilab 3 with Logic Pro X. When Minilab is connected to my MacBook Pro, the selected preset in Analog Lab 5 changes/skips when I use the key commands in Logic to move forward and back by a bar, or by 8 bars. The key commands I’m referring to are the ,/./Shift + ,/Shift + . commands.

I think that a possible reason for this happening is that the main encoder on the Minilab 3 is used to change the plugin preset, and in DAW mode, this encoder is used for transport function, so maybe there is some virtual wire-crossing happening, possibly.

Has anyone had this issue, or found a solution? It’s very frustrating. Thanks!