Local On/OFF

I have a problem with the local function.
I usually do local off in conjunction with a DAW. When I do that, no knob settings are transferred. What am I doing wrong?
Please don’t tell me to put Local On. That’s not a solution because MiniFreak can always be heard, even on other tracks

Hi Adrian,

Could you explain a little more about what you expect from the Local function?

This function allows you to activate or deactivate control of MiniFreak from its hardware panel.
When Local is Off, MiniFreak no longer responds when you press the keyboard or tweak the buttons. In this case, the only way to control it is to send MIDI messages, via your DAW or another device.

The section 16.2.3 of the MiniFreak Manual talks about the Local function.

You can find the link to the manual here:

I hope this answer helps you.


The problem is that with Local OFF, the movements on the knobs are not transmitted via MIDI. I would like to record them in the DAW.

Is it the Daw that sends MIDI messages to MiniFreak, or do you move the buttons by hand?

I move the knobs by hand to record the values ​​in the DAW.
It works on Local ON but not on Local OFF.

Local Off is used to deactivate the unit’s buttons to avoid midi loops if the Daw sends MIDI to the synth.

In your case, it’s useless. You must be in Local On

Basically, I understand the local function. It’s not my first synthesizer :wink:
However, what I wrote is not entirely correct. I can record midi notes and control data in DAW regardless of local ON or OFF.
Only the display of the mini freak does not show the usual function when Local OFF.
It becomes problematic when I start and synchronize Minifreak as a plug-in. The plugin receives midi notes, but most of the knobs don’t move. Oscillator type and LFO Wave yes, but not others like Cutoff.
If Local is ON, I can control all virtual knobs of the plugin with the mini freak. This is strange because the local function normally has no influence on whether midi control data is sent or not.
Is this a bug?
Now back to DAW. If plugin is active and linked to minifreak, midi notes can be recorded, but no control data such as cutoff knob position.