Loading times problem

No the presets are not in the database file. The presets are separate files.

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Same with me, I would love to use Analog Lab more but the loadtime is kills the buzz

I renamed the “db.db3” file to domething like “db.db3_back[datetime].bak”. it is then still there as a backup but invisible to the AL and others.
I haven’t found any downsides yet. The newly recreated db.db3 is about half the size of the old one. Presets and favourites are still there. I am not using Playlists any more, so I can’t tell if these get lost.
For some reason, the db.db3 grows over time even if no presets are created or saved, don’t know why., so I’m deleting it frequently, which is quite annoying.

Angelina, I tried to do as you wrote but nothing seems to have changed :frowning:

Hmm. Sad to read you still have problems, but I sometimes see long loading times as well. Analog Lab uses just some very little percentage of CPU time and some 1 to 4 MB/sec during loading.
Arturia Software Center Agent seems to prevent loading for some time, because it get quite busy for some seconds, before Analog Lab starts to consume measurable CPU time or disk I/O.
Maybe there is the issue, at Arturia Software Center, but that is more of a guess than a hint.