Loading old projects with old V1 / 32 bit

Hey all,

These Arturia folk have been as helpful as I think they can be but turns out that they’re not sure either. I have a rather sticky situation on my hands. Please allow me…

I’m trying load a bunch of old projects that my late brother created many many years ago. Upon trying to load the projects that were created in Cubase (8.5), it seems most of his songs rely HEAVILY on Arp2600 V1. Arturia has be so kind and have sent me the original .exe. file, but it wont install. I thought it was a 32bit issue, but seems not.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • installing Windows XP on both my Windows 10 machine, and on my MacOS machine.
  • I’ve created ISO images
  • I’ve tried V2, also V3
  • I’ve asked Arturia to create .dll files for me

Only thing left to try is buy a DVD burner, and DVDs, and burn the ISO to disc.

My guess is that it’ll be a waste of time, and also foolishly expensive.

Do any of you have any ideas for me before I go spending money?

Also, do any of you know if the old Arp2600 presets would be burned into the Cubase (.cpr) file, or would the preset data be burned in the original .dll? I sure wish he exported the presets.

HI @McMoody and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Bit of a tricky one this, you should be able to virtually mount an ISO file using a ‘virtual drive’ in windows, or get winzip to open it for you, see here.

Fellow Cubase user here, Cubase SHOULD remember the settings if it’s the same virtual instrument, just make sure whether it’s VST2 or VST3 first. This has been my own personal experience so far with older virtual instruments so YMMV here.


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Hi @McMoody, Welcome from me too.

If the presets was selfmade, then you need to have the preset files yourself.

Good luck.