Listening to wavetable sample

Hi all,
I was trying to find a way to listen to the sample being used to create a wavetable in the Wavetable engine. For instance, if I select Camel 12 wavetable in the Transform category, I would like to listen to the original sample that was used to create this Pigments wavetable, for teaching purpose. The only way I found was to go to the “/Library/Arturia/Samples/Pigments/Factory/Transform” folder and play the Camel 12.wav file via a 3rd-party app, which is not the most user-friendly way to achieve what I want…
Does anyone know a more direct and efficient way to do that ?

There’s nothing built into Pigments that will play selected wavetable data straight through. If you’re working in a DAW, you could open the wav file in an audio track or a sampler (like Simpler in Ableton) if you want to demonstrate what the data looks like or mess with it in some way.

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That’s what I thought. Thanks.

Hence why I suggested the add a Wavetable Editor into Pigments. I think it would be an invaluable tool for many of us.