Liquidités (cash flow)

An incursion into liquid DNB inspired by the Pigments Liquid banks (pun welcomed).

Drumbrute Impact, Pigments (Liquid Explorations, Beat Explorations)
Arturia Dist culture, Bus force, Fet and Tube STA compressors
Cubase Elements 13



Interesting stuff there!

Bit of a DnB fan myself, more the IDnB end of things.

I’d really like to hear this with the drums MUCH more forwards in the mix and possibly pull the hats down a fair bit too, just my own preference of course!

Thanks for posting! :sunglasses:

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Thank you, Mat!

I was away skiing for a few days. :skier:

I was unsure of the result of the DNB drum track. I should record the DBI track by track independently so any effect would not apply to the whole track. It’s probably why the hats are to loud.
The DBI is plugged in the 3-4 input of Scarlett 4i4: a drop in volume.

Don’t hesitate to criticize. It’s the way things are done in research (peer review it’s called).

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Hi @francoise

AH great stuff, glad to see you took that in the spirit intended :sunglasses:
Hope you enjoyed your skiing too! :skier:

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