Let's Summon Demons (Keystep Pro/Eurorack)

Little live jam with my Keystep Pro driving my modular synth and Renoise, controlled by a Raspberry Pi running TouchOSC.

Renoise is a soundtracker-based DAW, that I used as a performance sequencer by using its “phrase mode”: basically you can set up instruments so that a single note-on triggers a whole sequence. Create a single looping pattern with a single trigger note right at the top of each track, and use MIDI or OSC program change messages to switch phrases on instruments, then next time it loops the selected phrases will play - so a bit like the how the Keystep sequencers themselves behave with synchronised pattern changes, just without pattern chaining abilities. The DAW was just providing percussion and occasional strings, everything else coming from the modular, either sequenced by the Keystep or played live.

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Seemingly in G major. Interesting, depthbuffer! :+1:

I think it’s ambiguous whether it’s G major or E minor :upside_down_face: - though with some excursions either way. I know some music theory, but usually employ it after the fact rather than up front - i.e. I’ll just concentrate on nailing a melody or chord progression I like, then work out what key I’m in later on if I struggle to continue the progression or want a key change. (Less of an issue for a quick jam with few chord changes. :sweat_smile:)