Legato clicks when switching to mono mode

If I start a default patch and switch to mono there is sometimes a click at the start of a note when playing legato on the SQ80V, why is this? It’s especially noticeable when playing in the low register and with some waveforms such as sine waves or the bass wave.

Hi @longvandyke,

If you use 1 note poly mode, then enabling ENV RESET in the Voice section remove the click.
However the ENV RESET does’nt work in Mono mode.

This is the text from from the original hardware SQ-80:
In MONO mode the SQ-80 behaves like a classic one-voice Monophonic synth. It is useful with lead-type sounds where chords are not necessary or desirable. With MONO mode ON, only one note can be played at a time. Priority is given to the last note played — even if another note is being held down, the most recent note you play will sound. However, the envelope will not be re-triggered by striking a key as long as any other key is held down. Mono mode on the SQ-80 does not stack all eight voices on one key — only one voice plays."
I think this must be the explanation.

Clicks are quite normal when gates opens and closes especially with Sine waves. I agree the click is quite loud.

It would be great, if Arturia could make the ENV RESET work for Mono mode too as an added option.

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Thank you for clarifying. I find this synth is great for bass, so that addition would make sense.