Kromosomie 31

Based on Alanjuneally by jazz pianist Kenny Werner (Realbook 3).
Slower and in 4/4 instead of 3/4.

Acid V Film noir preset by Victor Morello.
Augmented Voice Costanza preset by Yuli Yolo (effects turned down).
Simple Drum Brute track (Pre Trident).
Master: Tube VCA + Fet 76


Hi again! @francoise

I like the way you use the Acid V, more ambient and cinematic. I keep loving that all the tracks have Drumbrute…it is such a great machine.

Nice work!

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Garcias, señor Fernandez,

I’m kind of pervert :grinning: (musically) but I’m not the only one.
As soon I heard Victor Morello’s preset Film noir, Ithought it could be used this way.

I’m not using the DrumBrute potential in this track.

This is Allanjuneally palyed by Kenny Werner, much faster (arpeggios are slower).

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De nada @francoise!!

What a great song…thanks for sharing it! Love that type of jazz.
Very relaxing and cool jeje

See you around! :smiley:

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