Knobs still sending MIDI - even when "send CC" is set to "OFF"?

Hey there Im trying to use the Minifreak as a MIDI controller for a desktop synth…

I dont want the Minifreak knobs to tweak or change anything. I just want to use the keyboard to play notes., so I go into the Utility menu and set “MIDI/Knob Send CC” setting to “OFF”

but the knobs are still sending MIDI and changing things like cutoff and resonance and envelope depth and all that kind of thing.

How do I stop the knobs from sending any MIDI at all - while still using the keyboard to play notes? Its a very simple thing and it should be working correctly according to these settings? I dont understand whats going on

Hi @rajajuju and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

My own MiniFreak is with a friend currently, so am unable to check mine for you.

It might be an idea to log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

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it could be anything - including user error

but at first glance, with the obvious info - it doesnt do what it says it does

ultimately i will just filter it out with my MIDI router because i need to make music

not fix things

yeh i checked it again with really simple connections, nothing in between

ive turned the local keyboard off… its just sending MIDI

im playing an external synth… the setting for “MIDI/Knob Send CC” is set to “OFF”

and yeh, turning the cutoff knob definitely still controls the cutoff on the external synth… along with many other knobs that match up to other settings

is it sending SysEx? whats going on? Is there a way to stop the knobs from sending ALL MIDI data? this seems like a ridiculous problem here… unless its just a bug of some sort, and in that case - its an essential feature that is completely broken and makes it difficult to use as a MIDI controller for other synths

i suppose nobody is using it as a MIDI controller? so Arturia doesnt care about these broken things? it seems odd

honestly i do love the synth - thats why im pissed

Mine is on FW and the “MIDI/Knob Send CC” on/off setting works as expected - I’m testing it as I type.

Things to try:

  • Reset the synth with Utility/Misc/Reset Settings
  • Reflashing the firmware
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