Keystep MIDI sync as Slave

Setup: Keystep setup as a SLAVE receiving MIDI clock from external hardware as MASTER

I would like the Keystep sequencer to only recognize clock tempo, but not the START command from the Master hardware. I want to be able to manually control it.

What setting would that be in the Midi Control Center?

Thank you.

Same here! I have this setup (with the connections inside double stars):
Boss RC-505ii (master) **MIDI** Korg Volca Sample **Sync** Keystep **MIDI** Korg Volca FM2

Did you ever sort it out?

I don’t know if it’s of any help but in Midi Control, there’s the option in Sequence Setting> Sync clock start on clock or on Gate start. Maybe you’ve tried it.

See Sync Keystep with the DAW without starting the seq/arp [ralvek comment]

No, I haven’t tried that one. But I managed to stop the autostart by choosing an option called “Arm…” something, in the MIDI Control Center.
However, it doesn’t really stop the sequencer, it only “silences” it. The sequencer is still following the sequencer that is running on the Master device (in my case the Boss rc 505). So when you press play, it’s doesn’t start from the beginning; it starts wherever the Master sequence is at. That is quite annoying, as I want it to behave like a Volca: to start from the beginning, and only synced to the Master beat.