Keystep 37 stopped working

Hi all, I am exited to discover the Keystep 37 with Ableton Live, but suddenly the Keystep stopped. In Ableton preferences the Keystep is not there anymore as MIDI device. In the Arturia MIDI Control Center, the Keystep is also gone. Has anyone had this issue? Not sure what I am doing wrong. What can I do to fix this?

Hi @JLspace ,

If i understand you correct, then it to me sounds like your controller have lost the connection to the computer.
I can suggest you try a new USB connection and another USB cable.
Are you connected using a hub? Then try direct connection to the computer.

At this point i can’t rule out your Keystep does’nt work.

Well yesterday I was on Analog V Lab with my secondhand Keystep. Today that just stopped working. Now on Analog Lab 4. So there was an update that had to come through. I was able to select the Keystep in Ableton, MIDI Control Centre and Analog Lab 4.

The only thing that I miss is the red box in Ableton. No idea how to fix that…

Good if it work.
What red box? I don’t use Ableton Live.