Keys triggering incorrect notes

Hi all,

I’ve got the same issue as a previous post.
I’ve noticed the lower keys “F” through “C” (also sharps and flats) trigger random incorrect notes about ~30% of the time. The issue is also present in a blank init patch.
I have found that triggering the keys via an external midi keyboard works perfectly, but playing the same notes on the minifreak reproduces the issue.
I sent a request to technical support (Request #890092) but no response at this time.
Is it a way to resolve this problem?

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Hello @JipiDu95 welcome to our community!

Sorry to hear the problem with your minifreak, sometimes it could be the keyboard plate but just wait a few days cause the support team is very effective and one of the best in the world. They have a looot of tickets.

If you can’t have an answer from support team (that will be weird) you can try to take it to a technician and see if the electronic plate have an issue. But I will wait for support cause they can have a more clear answer.

Maybe this help you! Great Day!