Keys not reacting properly (sometimes)

Hi there,
I was happy with my Minilab 3 for quite some time now, but most recently it began behaving not as expected:
sometimes (curiously only sometimes), the middle ‘C’ key is not responding properly, especially when played soft. Mostly, when I play it again or harder, the sound appears.
Even if my performance isn’t perfect with all keys behaving as expected, this makes it much worse. :hear_no_evil:

I tried different software (Augmented PIANO, Analog Lab V, FL Studio 21), all show the same effect.

Since this is new and it occurs with all software, I suspect a hardware defect.

Is there anything I can do for myself (like opening the device and applying some WD 40 or something)?
Or will I have to send it back ad request a warranty exchange?


Hi @StefanS
Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your MiniLab 3.
I wouldn’t try servicing the unit yourself unless you’re qualified, you could seriously damage the unit as well as invalidate any guarantee.

If it’s still under guarantee you should contact the place you purchased it from and possibly arrange an exchange or repair with them first.

If that doesn’t work out then please contact us again.

I will do that.
The device was bought at Thomann, usually they are good with these things.

Only downside: I wanted to take my Minilab with my on my vacation tomorrow, so I will have to deal with the error there. :frowning:

Hey @StefanS we’re sorry to know about this behaviour.

Our team will get in touch with you to fix this ASAP.

Best :zap: