KeyLab MKIII release date

I am a dedicated Arturia user and I am eagerly awaiting the KeyLab MkIII, particularly the 61-key model.
I understand that release dates can sometimes be flexible. Any potential timeframe you could share would be incredibly helpful in solidifying my excitement for its arrival.
I’m fully committed to Arturia’s innovative products and envision the KeyLab becoming my next essential music production companion.
However, with limited information on its availability, I can’t help but entertain exploring alternatives like the NI KK S3.


There’s been a few threads recently asking the same thing and they aren’t going to tell you tell you until the day it’s released, just like every other company including native instruments with its new s mk3 series

Sorry, not mean into have a go, I understand your frustration, I’ve only just bought a new keylab mk2 61 this month, knowing my past luck that means the mk3 will drop next week lol.

The mk2 is my first Arturia midi controller and it far exceeds my expectations, providing the mk3 expands vastly on the mk2, I could well be tempted to upgrade when it’s released.

I needed a synth keyed to compliment my new NI s88 mk3, and lif I’d have known say the Keylab mk3 was coming out next month I would have waited, but for all you and I know it could be 6 months or longer.


@engels1920: NAMM starts Jan 25. If a mkiii is going to be released anytime soon, it will be in the next week. Just wait a week to see, if you’re worried about the mkii being replaced.

@HobGoblyn: How do you like the NI mk3? Is the integration with their products worthwhile? I was considering getting the 61-key.

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I like it a lot, but didn’t want integration with their maschine, their removal of that has upset a fair few people.

Probably best to look at the complaints on their forum and ask on there as a few complaints about other things too, but I’m more than happy.

I have both my S88 mk3 and Keylab mk2 working well in both analog labs and Komplete Kontrol, and both control my daw (studio one).

I can press play on the S88, then stop on the Keylab 61 etc.

I only bought both of these in January after selling my full size digital piano and my NI s61 mk2 as I wanted both weighted and synth keys.

Still in a steep learning curve but so far I’m loving it, but don’t let my love for it persuade you, read the negatives on their forum before you decide.


@Talahamut Fantastic! I’ll, at the very least, wait out this week before considering other options.