Keylab MkII 61 Sending constant unwanted CC!

Not sure if this started with the recent firmware update and I just didn’t notice until now (because I needed to midi learn/assign a key command in Logic) but my Keylab is sending CC:80 constantly - with fluctuating values all over the place.

Now, in the process of writing this post and taking the screenshot… I did figure out a luck-of-the-draw type of “workaround” (that’s being generous) and that was simply taking fader 5 (which is CC80) and popping it up to 127 or down to 0. This seems to work every third try.

My Keylab is in immaculate condition and I sits nice and cozy on a retractable tray in my studio desk - so it’s not been abused or anything - so I’ve no idea how this behavior started.

Anyone else?


You can try to Hard Reset your unit:

Make sure to first backup your User Settings to the MIDI Control Center.

  • Hold the “Octave up” & “Octave down” buttons while powering it up.
  • Once the unit has powered up, press the Jog-wheel to confirm.

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.


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Keylab mk2 needs an update for the software its not communicating well with the new Push 3 or new Ableton Live 11.3.10 update that just came out this week. PLEASE ARTURIA UPDATE THE SOFTWARE SOON ITS BEEN A LONG TIME!

I’m getting a problem with fader 3 only. Send garble and extra info when I try and automate a simple volume fade.

This is my 2nd replacement and is back with distributor. I’m not sure if I can do round 3. ;<

@niks.arturia Not sure if you fixed your issue already. In the default template on the KL MkII, fader #5 is assigned to CC80. So chances are you have a fader that’s just barely wiggling between these values, about halfway up the throw. Try just moving it a little, or moving it all the way to top or bottom. My bet is you’ll stop seeing this message once you do that. Note that many types of mechanical MIDI controls without physical stepping are likely to do this sometimes.

My personal recommendation is to use the Pickup mode for DAW faders in the global parameters (you can use MIDI Control under Device Settings, or set it directly on the keyboard). That helps prevent this type of issue. Post back if you still haven’t solved the issue, though.