Keylab MKII 49/ Ableton Live faders triggering C7 or higher with VI's (any)


I’ve been in touch with support over this with no success. I’m going to talk with Sweetwater support today later or tomorrow.

What is happening (only in Ableton Live) is that the faders are triggering C7, C#7, etc when moved with any VI. This happens regardless of MCU or LIVE settings, including the midi control center. Firmware is up to date and I’ve done a factory reset a couple of times.

On the very off chance that someone understands what is happening, there must be a control in Live’s preferences that is causing this, OR is it possibly defective?

If you haven’t gotten this figured out yet, you might want to try downloading MIDIox and see what is happening MIDI signal-wise when you use your fader. You’ll at least know what’s being transmitted which may help identify your problem.