Keylab MK2 newer midi script for Ableton Live? (After watching Essential MK3 Ableton Live Video)

I’ve been using Keylab mk2 for a while, but really love how new Essential MK3 controls Ableton, especially the knobs and faders controlling devices on the selected track without having to map them.
I’m using knobs and faders on my Keylab just to control pan and volume. Am I missing something? Is there a custom script or something that allows me to do the device control?

I would appreciate your help. Thanks!

I found the solution… There is a toggle button to go to device control. But, I still wonder if there is a cool custom midi script. Is there a way to get track colors on Keylab’s channel select button lights?

what is the toggle button specifically? is it the blue light on the master button mentioned at (also at Keylab Mk2 88 Ableton Live Devices - #5 by american_sicko)? where is this documented?