Keylab MK2 MIDI Remote For Cubase 12

Hi, I have posted this as well to the previous (legacy) forum, but for new users it’s probably better to repost here.

It’s about the Keylab MK2 (all versions) and an implementation for Cubase 12, using Steinberg’s MIDI Remote API.

While out of the box, the Keylab offers a pretty good implementation using the Mackie protocol, I’ve made this script-expansion in order to be more close to my personal workflow, which is based on less keyboard/mouse actions and more on using the controller on its own.

This script covers apart from the obvious transport controls and mixer, a series of other important elements:

  • Focused Quick Controls
  • Instrument Quick Controls
  • Pregain (Input Filter)
  • Equalizer
  • Insert effects
  • Channel Strip (Gate, Compressor, Tools, Saturation and Limiter)
  • Send Effects
  • Three sets of DAW commands

The script and instructions for installing, can be found in a dedicated wiki thread in Steinberg’s forum, here:

A small video demonstrating some of what is being handled (we can see it on our controller’s display) is here:

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Hey @mchantzi we’re glad to see you here!

Thanks for sharing your workflow improvement with the community!
I agree with you that new users will appreciate it a lot :metal:

Keep exploring :zap:

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