Keylab mk2, I’m doing something stupid with assigning CC to the first knob

Hi having a weird problem assigning CC via the keyboard to the first knob, the other 7 knobs work as I expect.

To show what I mean, I hold the user button down for a few secs, then twist knob 2, then hit the CC key near top of key bed, then turn big knob and set it to 0, then save. If I now turn knob 2, as expected it goes from 0 - 127, knobs 3 - 9 work exactly the same.

Here’s a screen shot of me setting it to 50

However, if I do exactly the same thing to knob 1, when I turn it it either show’s INC or DEC and obviously doesn’t control what I want it to. See attached pic where it shows DEC

I’m sure if I load up the controller software I could easily fix it, but I want to know how I can fix it just by using the keyboard, I presume it’s set as a switch somewhere?

Any suggestions please?


Hi, after setting the CC number and pushing the jog, you can turn the jog right and you will see the Option menu. Push the jog, and based on what you want to achieve, you have to select the Absolute mode.

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Thanks, that worked perfectly.