Keylab mk2 and weird happenings in Analog lab edit mode

Hi all, I’ve noticed something weired in edit preset view on Analog lab Pro.

I’ve documented what I’ve found so far, but I’d like to know if it’s happening to anyone else or it’s just my setup?

In User mode, all sliders and knobs give the full 0 - 127, so the faders/knobs are physically fine.

This is in stand alone mode, not opened in a DAW

Juno 6:

The VCF Cutoff slider moves the VCF Freq correctlty but the Brightness knob above it also moves it but only 3/4 of the way up and the Keybooard display shows brightness going from 0 - 127

Same with the VCF Resonance correctly moving VCF RES but the Timbre knob above it also moving it 3/4 of the way while keyboard is showing Timbre going from 0 to 1

VCF Env moves VCF Env, Knob labeled Time above it moves Env release from about 1/4 to 3/4, again keyboard displays time going from 0 - 1

Same for VCF LFO, slider works correctly, Movement knob moves VCF LFo from 0 - 1/4, and at the same time DCO LFO from 0 - 1/4, and at the same time LFO Delay Time from 0 to just over 1/2, and at the same time the LFO rate from just under 1/2 to just over 1/2.

If i move slider decay/ch6 it moves env decay but only from 1/4 to full, wont go lower than 1/4, at the same time it moves the env sustain.

The slider sustain/ch7 correctly tries to move the env sustain but it jumps around all over the place.

The slider Release/ch8 moves the Env Release but only from full to just under half

Arp 2600

Timbre Knob moves VCF Resonance from 0 to around 3/4

Time knob moves ADSR Decaytime, Release time and the Time to the right of the orange box saying AR Attack release, they only move about 3/4 up

Hi @HobGoblyn ,

All sounds normal.

A single Macro can control multiple parameters with different ranges set by the preset designer or user.
Please read about Macros in the manuals.

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Many thanks.

I’ll get there in the end :slight_smile: