Keylab Mk II and Sonoma

I just opened my new KeyLab and want to see how it flies in my new MacStudio. In writing to tech support today and filling out the details to get my questions through I noticed that Sonoma OS was not listed as a “recognizable” OS.

Will my Keylab even work in this environment then? Will I be able to download the ASC and other software libraries? Or should I hold off on any further work until Sonoma is fully recognized? I haven’t done any “upgrade.” I haven’t even turned anything on…really. Just asking in order to prevent any further issues before they ever occur.

Help. Will this work with Sonoma as it is now or not?

Hi @Piperbones_Jones . Welcome to the community.

Noone can tell yes or no for sure before testing.
This is the current official recommendation from Arturia:

Well, it looks like I may have jumped the gun. My actual device is loaded with Ventura 13.5. I took the info from Apple’s website and assumed that was what was shipped. So today is the day, the Arturia experiment begins. Thanks for your feedback.

I upgraded to Sonoma not long after its release. So far no issues with any of my Arturia hardware/software! (No issues with any of my other gear/software either, at least not anything that I use regularly.)

That’s good to know. I can’t get the Keylab to work in DAW mode though. I thought once everything was downloaded and installed via the ASC that the Keylab would be recognized as my controller for Logic X. But as yet there is simply no response at all when I go into DAW mode. I can play my instruments back via MIDI but in terms of transport and navigating within the Logic DAW, no dice. What do I need to do to get this functioning as it should?