Keylab MK II 88 Display?

Hi there!

I’m looking for help. Maybe I do something wrong, but when I plug Keyboard to pc via USB, then the display does not lights up. Everything works, but display showes nothing. Does any of you had a same issue? Or I’m just doing something wrong?

Is it brand new?

Yes, I’ve bought them two days ago and on first plugin it did not light up…

Are you power via USB or external Power suppply? (try external if you can).
Maybe a factory reset might help.

Otherwise I suspect a fault but maybe others will chyme in as I only have MKII 61

HI @Nyceryx and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

Sorry to see you’re experiencing this, as @MiR has suggested, you might try reinitialising the unit first, if this is unsuccessful you should either contact the retailer you purchased it from, pending statutory rights in your location, or log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

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Hi, thank you for reply. Yes’ve tried to plug-in keyboard via external power and also I’ve bought DC adapter to try it power by this way. Made factory reset, firmware update…Nothing worked. Anyway yesterday I’ve visited different store where they were willing to unpack keyboard and plug it into pc and keyboard and display light up… So it’s solved and keyboard will travel back to seller. Thank you for help and this topic could be closed.

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