KeyLab mk 3

I’m so patiently waiting for Arturia to either update the firmware on the Keylab 88 mk2 or give us new mk3.

I really want a mk3 though…:joy:

What if they made a keyboard similar to all of the other midi boards like MPC Keys 61, NI Komplete Kontrol, or the Roland 0 series? But the Arturia style of doing things… unique of course!

7 inch screen, V9 collection & FX4 already built into the board… Live performance keyboard players would love it because the boards are already DAW ready… I’m quite sure Arturia could build something so dope… I get excited thinking about spec possibilities.:fire::fire::raised_hands:t5:

KeyLab mk 3… Cmon Lets go Arturia!! :relaxed::fire: