Keylab ii and Ableton

I recently bought a Keylab 61 mk ii, and also Ableton, so I am new to both.

Keylab works fine with Cubase & Dorico, but in Ableton, VSTs do not respond to input, meanwhile pressing certain keys causes the Ableton interface to switch between Session/Arrangement, and to turn loop, punch in etc. on and off. Keylab is in DAW mode.

I ran into the keys controlling seemingly random DAW functions today, too. I ended up having to delete an Ableton Live preferences file and reset all of my user options. The keys caused the Ableton Live view switching no matter what mode the Keylab was in.

The issue that I’ve been seeing that led me to spend several hours today fighting with this is if I load Analog Lab V / Pro onto a MIDI track in Ableton (version 12), the Analog Lab controls do not respond properly to the rotary controls on the Keylab. Analog Lab 4 works correctly in Ableton. Analog Lab V / Pro doesn’t work correctly in Ableton 12 but does work correctly either stand-alone or in another DAW (Reaper in this case). Maddening!

For me it isn’t random. Top D toggles loop, D# & E punch in/out, and the D an octave below switches between Session/Arrangement.

I wonder if it is something to do with the Live 12 update?

I think it does. I was prepping some things for a livestream I’m planning to do on Monday, and discovered a couple of other things that required a lot of futzing to get working again since updating to Live 12. Polybrute Connect had also stopped functioning, and the Soundtower remote app for the Sequential Take 5 is completely hosed. Ableton have definitely changed something in the way that VSTs interact with Live and MIDI (both USB and traditional 5-pin).