Keylab Essential with indvidual Collection VSTs

So the keylab essential works quite well with analog lab. When changing presets, the rotary encoders get updated with proper values, and even shows the name of what is being changed.

With individual VSTs, like the mini v3, this isn’t the case. I can change a preset, but the rotary encoder will hold the previous value, making an awkward “jump” to the old value. And overall, the experience feels lackluster compared to using analog lab.

Am I missing something, or is this just poorly implemented?

Unfortunately, this cannot be implemented normally through the standard Midi protocol, since each encoder has a memory position from 0 to 127, which leads to these terrible and unpleasant jumps.
I can recommend 2 options that I used:
In Bitwig, you can map each necessary parameter to the macros of the device itself, and then save it by default, so you can map everything to several pages, sign exactly how to display and there will be no jumps.
In Ableton, this is not implemented so conveniently, but it still works. On the plug-in itself, you need to click “Unfold Device Parameters” (the triangle looking down near the plug-in shutdown), click “Configure” and alternately drag in the synthesizer those parameters that are needed for keyboard control and then save this view of the plug-in by default.
In order not to receive these terrible jerks in this mode, you need to go to the settings and select “Pickup” in the “Takeover Mode” section in the MIDI section.
I hope I was able to help and I immediately apologize for writing this message through Google Translate