Keylab Essential Mk3 with Ableton Live and Analog Lab Pro - Presets issues

I have a new Keylab Essential Mk3 that I am using with Ableton Live 11 Standard and Analog Lab Pro with V Collection 9, all software is up to date. I find that the first preset I load into a session track sometimes shows on the Keylab screen and the sliders and knobs work initially but after that adding a new track it does not show the preset, only the instrument name, and that sliders and knobs descriptions are generic like Fader 1. This happens using Analog Lab plugin VST as well as using the individual Instrument plugin VSTs. What Midi configuration options should be enabled for the above configuration? Do I need to add ALV track and/or Remote midi options In and/or Out? Is this an issue generally or is this my keyboard setup or do I have a faulty keyboard?

i noticed this too. It gets worse with individual instrument VSTs from Collection, they always have generic knobs and sliders

The worst is when you add another track and change a knob, but it “jumps” to the previous tracks knob value. How would someone be able to perform live like this?

You would think arturia hardware to be natively compatible with arturia software? And fully compatible with most popular daws

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For Keylab Essentials MkIII There are DAW integration scripts on the website for other DAWs but in the Ableton file there is NO script file only a document that begins with the following confusing statement:

You’ll need the latest version of Live to be able to use the integration script

for KeyLab Essential.

If you manage to install the latest version of Live, here are the steps:

  • Connect your KeyLab Essential and select DAW program (prog button).

  • Open Live.

  • The KeyLab Essential should automatically be detected and ready to use.

If the KeyLab Essential is not detected:

  • Go to Live MIDI settings (Options / Preferences / Link Tempo MIDI tab)

  • In the MIDI part, select your control surface (KeyLab Essential mk3)

  • Set the right In and out Port (“KL Essential xx mk3 MIDI” / “KL Essential xx mk3 MIDI”)

I am wondering if there should be a script file too but it is missing?

There are scripts for Cubase, Logic Pro, FL and Bitwig, I am wondering if Arturia plays better with any of these.?

Im assuming that means that the script comes bundled with Ableton.

I followed this PDF guide and i’m not sure what I enabled or disabled, but it solved the issue you were talking about. I also enabled mackie mode in arturia’s midi control center and changed to midi channel 3… Also make sure your particular keyboard is set in the VST’s configuration under midi

The same problem that I have remains however, when you transition from one track to the other, it will hold on to the rotary encoder value you moved in the previous track. So ableton never “pushes” the updated value to the keyboard. This makes for those awkward “jumps” I mentioned earlier. Really messes up my flow… I don’t know if this is just a software issue or if I’m doing something wrong.

Starting to think I should just make my own midi keyboard with motorized faders and LED wheels around the potentiometers.

The Arturia video link below shows How To Control Ableton Live with the Arturia KeyLab Essential mk3 and Arturia Analog Pro. They say there is an Ableton Integration script and the 69 comments in the video and my experience is that this is either non existent in the downloadable zip file or Arturia have NOT provided Ableton with such script or a workable Midi Integration with Arturia KeyLab Essential mk3 and Arturia Analog Pro? []

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I mean I got it to work yesterday without installing any such script, but now I’m noticing that it’s buggy as hell. Like I’ll go away from my computer or play a game, then get back into ableton and now when I move the knobs, they dont display the value or name as I change them. Or menu diving their presets menu doesn’t work at all for me. I have to restart ableton

Maybe your missing a tick somewhere in midi settings? Or in arturia midi app? This is what i got


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After some exchange of messages with Arturia support desk I have an acknowledgement that this is an issue being addressed by the Dev team ……
Hello Brian,

Thank you for the update, I’m glad to read that you found a workaround.

After digging into our log, I could find that this issue has been registered in the past for the Dev Team to fix it as soon as possible.

I’ll add your case to the log to increase priority.

Let me know if you have further comments.

Kind regards,

  • Arturia Support

Meanwhile I have found one partial solution is if I make a Playlist in Analog Lab Pro that I am able to change tracks in DAW mode and then use the faders and nobs in Arturia mode with preset and device descriptions showing on the keyboard screen. This works once I try to use the faders or knobs after a short delay of a few seconds. This only works for items in the playlist and any other tracks created with items outside that play list do not work.