KeyLab Essential MK3 Setup Script for Cubase not working

I am running Cubase 13 with an Arturia Keylab Essential 61 MK3 and have updated the firmware on the keyboard via Arturia’s MIDI Control Center (1.1.6), set it to DAW mode (see screenshot) and then imported the script Arturia provides on their website to set it all up in Cubase. The script imports with no errors, but there are issues. First, the transport controls while they work, they also play a note when I press play or stop for example. Second, the tempo button on the onscreen graphical representation of the keyboard in Cubase is labeled “Missing” (see screenshot) and the when I move a knob, the fader below it actually moves and not the knob, and if I move the fader, the knob above it moves instead.

I went back to the Arturia website to ensure I had the right script version (1.3.1) and could see no others for my keyboard. I even tried 1.1 linked by someone else on a forum. I have gone over all the user accessible settings and see no way to correct this, but I am a total Cubase newbie so maybe I missed something. I have included my Cubase MIDI settings in case I have made a mistake, but all of these settings were made by the script not me. How did others get the Keylab Essential Keyboards working?

I contacted Arturia last week but their auto reply was that they are very busy with with more support calls than expected (of course). Had the keyboard over a week now and have not been able to use it with Cubase which is frustrating to say the least.

In the MIDI Port Setup onnthe Studio Setup screenshot, someone told me to uncheck the All Midi channels for MIDIm but it made no differance either.

Surely there are complete instructions somewhere I can follow as the ones in the [guide for Cubase from Arturia](file:///C:/Users/immer/Downloads/KeyLab_Essential_mk3_Cubase_DAW_Integration_Script_1_3_1/KeyLab_Essential_mk3__1_3_1__2024_02_20__Cubase_DAW_Integration_Script/KeyLab_Essential_mk3__1_1__2024_02_16__Cubase__DAW_User_Guide.pdf) says install script and enjoy, but that is not my experience at all.

I had similar problems. Maybe I can help:
First of all make shure to delete the remote midi device again.
2. Use the Arturia midi control center and goto the “Device Settings”
3. Set the “DAW-Mode” to “none”
4. Import the newest script again and use the MIDI-port to connect your “MIDI Remote Device”.
5. Hold the “Prog”-key on your Arturia keyboard and press the second keypad simultaineously

After opening an new Cubase project you might have to repeat only step 5.

Let me know if this works for you too…
Excuse my bad English, I’m no native speaker

I just saw in your screen shot:
You should have only 1! connection tu your keyboard and keep in mind: Use the midi-port to connect!

Thanks. Will try here shortly. What is odd is that I never manually added anything as the Arturia Cubase script did all of the setting up including two connections. So strange that their own script is wrong. I am really concerned that I made a bad purchase and am looking at just returning it all and buying another brand. Will try the above first, but first impressions here is that Arturia are checked out.

What ever you decide. Here the combination of Cubase and Arturia runs pretty well. But you need to install the right script and use the appropriate connection…

I just wish Arturia would provide a working script and instructions. I don’t get why people are not making a bigger fuss?

Update: Been in tou ch with Arturia support who have been great. We have tried many steps to rectify but nothing seems to f ix the transport controls not working in Cubase. I even sent them a video of the entire setup process and they confirmed it was correct. They are just as confused as I am. I have no other MIDI devices or software. That said, I did try the demo of FL Studio and everything worked out of the box. This means the keyboard is just fine (I was wondering if it was faulty), but Cubase 13 for me at leas t is not. I am switching to FL Studio as I actually like it better than Cubase, but I have committed to continue to work with Arturia to solv e th3 Cubase issue as perhaps others will encounter.