KeyLab Essential MK3 identifiers in software hosts

When connecting to the KL Essential Mk3 it appears as four separate devices. I am assuming that “KL Essential 61 Mk3 MIDI” is for sending generic MIDI CC values to the host (DAW Mode in the MCC Device Settings is “None”). I’m also assuming that “KL Essential 61 Mk3 MCU/HUI” is to be selected when the controller has been configured with a “Mackie” DAW mode.

First, are those two assumptions correct?

Second, when should the remaining two device descriptions be selected?

KL Essential 61 Mk3 DINTHRU
KL Essential 61 Mk3 ALV


information from the official manual:

KL Essential (49/61) mk3 MIDI: Enables MIDI communication via the USB-C port

on KeyLab Essential.

KL Essential (49/61) mk3 DINTHRU: Passes outgoing MIDI information from the host software through KeyLab Essential’s 5-pin MIDI out connector. This can be useful when you want to sequence and control hardware synths with your DAW using Keylab Essential as a MIDI interface.

KL Essential (49/61) mk3 MCU/HUI: Enables KeyLab Essential as a Mackie Control Universal surface via a dedicated port, to not interfere with other MIDI messages as notes or control changes.

KL Essential (49/61) mk3 ALV Transmits screen messages from Analog Lab V to KeyLab Essential.

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