Keylab Essential mk3 and Analog Lab preset selection not working

My new keylab essential mk 3 88 does not show Analog Lab presets on the keylab screen and the buttons and main encoder knob do nothing in Arturia mode. The other buttons and sliders control my Analog Lab preset just fine but the screen shows generic names like Fader1 etc Its just preset selection not working but it did to start with. Not sure what i have done that could have btoken this. My daw is Ableton 12 and in daw mode the screen and everything else seems to work as expected. The only thing i have done is i bought the full V collection X. I previously bought Analog Lab Pro and a few other plugins before buying the full collection.

Windows 11, Ableton 12, Keylab Essential MK3 88. I also can’t get this working properly in FL Studio.

Another note on this. The encoder knob does work and update the Analog lab preset in Ableton. It’s just not showing the changes on the mk3 screen It also works fine if I test with the standalone version of Analog labs.