KeyLab Essential MK 3 - Reason mapping

Hello guys, did anyone figured out how to use KeyLab Essentials in Reason? I’ve tried mapping for other Arturia controllers but I wasn’t able to make it work :frowning: It’s working well with Bitwig, but I do love my good old Reason 12

Hello @apollo21noir welcome to our community!

Sorry to hear about your issue. I used Reason a years ago today I’m a little rusty on that DAW.
But it has to be a Reason complex issue like Protools maybe? Where you have to go to preferences, midi and “Activate Midi Device” to make Reason recognize the Keylab?

If that’s not the problem maybe it is more easy to contact Reason Support about their issue cause Keylabs usually works well with all DAWs.

I hope this could help you! See you around!

Hey @VFertorandez,

Yeah, Reason can recognise the controller, but only things that works are keys and pads, transport cotrols, faders and knows do nothing :slight_smile: There is no official mapping for this controller sadly. Arturia has video how to use Minilab with R12 so I believe that it’s some kind of cooperation between Reason Studios and Arturia.

On product page Arturia states that “You’re in full control thanks to custom DAW scripts for Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, and Bitwig Studio, with support for more major DAWs planned in the future”. So I§m waiting I guess :slight_smile:


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