Keylab Essential 61 Mk3 | Midi soft pickup/ pickup takover function is broken

Like the title says, midi soft pickup/ pickup takeover function does not work when enabled the fader jumps its value to match the physical fader position, which is quite frustrating and defeats the purpose of having dedicated daw modes for seamless integration, For the record i’ve tried this on Cubase 12 and FL Studio 21 and the function behaves similarly or might i say mis-behaves, I guess it might be a script issue and making required changes might fix that but as of now using faders and encoders on anything other than ALV is kinda janky. is anybody else facing these issues?


I don’t have this controller. Also i don’t use Cubase or FL Studio.
But software also need to be able to use soft takeover/ Pick Up and perhaps also be set manually to do so. I suggest you check that, if you have’nt allready.

Well both the DAWs support pickup takeover function and work with other midi controllers as expected but with this one they don’t, which is clearly an issue because it doesn’t let users get the most out of this controller, here is a video showing how this feature is supposed to work on FL Studio 21 with novation fl keys midi controller New FL Studio Keyboards - Novation FLkey 49 and FLkey 61 First Look - YouTube

I only know about the scripts found here:
I don’t even know if the controller support Soft Take Over/ Pick Up. I do hope so.
I suggest you log into your Arturia account and contact Arturia technical support.

The controller does support this feature, and yes I’ve already contacted customer support, And they’ve confirmed that this bug exists, might have been an oversight I’ve been told that my complaint has been forwarded to the dev team, they’ll get this fixed.
And i made this post to know if the feature worked in any DAW if at all, if someone reaches out we’ll know

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Yes, I have this issue with my Keylab Essential 61 as well. I have been successful in getting it to do pickup, but not soft pickup (I don’t think it supports that). The other option that works i Jump. It’s very hard to set up, and I couldn’t tell you what I did, or even which DAW it was (Reaper, Cakewalk, or Cubase Pro 12). Of all, Cubase Pro with the new Midi console thing, which happens to include a script for this very device, made things work (except soft pickup) out of the box. It’s not easy to set this thing up properly, but I was new to MIDI controllers when I got mine, so maybe that was the reason.

Do you happen to have Mk3 as well or the previous version,

It actually doesn’t indicate any mk, so I guess it’s an mk1 (or mk0). :man_shrugging: I’ve had it for a few years now. I like it OK. Kind of wish the faders were on the left side which would be handy using them for Mod and Expression with orchestral libraries. It’s my first midi controller, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I’ve considered the Native Instrument keyboards, but saw that Guy Michelmore bought the Keylab 88 for his “second” studio, having a NI 88 in the other. He composes for a living, using Cubase, so… that must say something.

The previous versions lacked complete integration with almost any DAW, but this time, Arturia is trying to make things better, they made scripts for all major DAWs and still this feature was bugged, hope the soft pickup takeover bug is just a small coding issue, we’ll get to see if it’s really the case or otherwise.

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Agreed. You’d think this would be pretty easy to resolve, but I think you’d need two way traffic for it to work. Don’t know enough about MIDI standards to know tho. controllers with flying faders clearly have that issue worked out. Does Arturia have any such controllers?