Keylab Essential 61 Mk3 and Studio One vers. 3

Where can I find the right setup instructions för the Mk3 in Studio One vers 3. There is no DAW selection in the controlfield for the setup. As of now I can only use the keyboard as a standard midikeyboard? Will I have to update Studio One to get it to work?

Hi @Nick . Welcome to the community.

I don’t have a Arturia controller. I use Studio One.

Do you set up Mackie?
Can you please post a screenshot of your Mackie setups Recieve From options in your Studio One/ Options/ External device setup?

Also keep in mind, that you shall choose the DAW mode for your Keylab Essential MK3, when you have created the Mackie setup in Studio One. According to the controllers manual you should be able to control both MCU and HUI. I can’t remeber if Studio One 3 can use MCU (i think so) but it can use HUI.