KeyLab 88 MKII midi channel change

I need to change keyboard midi channel by the pads, first pad - midi channel 1, second pad - midi channel 2, like so. How can i do that?

Hi @Payne ,

In the settings for each pad you also can set a midi channel. I don’t have a keylab, but it’s quite easy to see in the Midi Conntrol Center and the manual mention it.

However - It will only work if the routing to and for the reciving device is set correct to work like you want it. That has nothing to do with the controller.

No. I need to program pads to control glodal midi channels, not only for pads, i need to use pads like switches. For example in ableton i have few midi tracks with different instruments in different midi channels and i want to swicht between them on the go using global midi channels

The Global midi channel can as far as i can tell only be changed by holding the MIDI button and click one of the lowest 16 keys on the keyboard.