Keylab 61 MK2 ignoring user presets CC and makes them work like global override

There are 10 user banks for Keylab 61 MK2. However there is only one user preset really working. I’ve made some presets for program change for microfreak. It will only work, if i use User 1 preset. More than that: if I change aux pedals (and other things) for specific user presets it really is ignored by the unit. Keylab shows that the preset is somehow there (the name is different), but CC values are ignored. I did not have any kind of this issues with previously owned Keylab Essentials MK2 61, so I am more than sure it’s not me doing something wrong. Is there any incomming firmware upgrade that will fix this? Another details on this: if I change CC values for pedals it’s treated as global setting - not only affects all User presets at all, but also analog and daw preset. I wish I could for example made user1 preset for piano with cc 66 & 67 for 2 aux pedals, but keep 12-14 CCs for DAW, user2 preset etc. Very unfortunate is that same wrong behaviour is for pads (and probably knobs, faders etc. but I did not checked it). It’s just overwrites pad setting globally. If you set program change on the pad, then you’ve lost drumpad abbility for daw setting. I am surprised nobody noticed this issue. Hope anyone can help me (even if it means reversing firmware if that’s the issue with newest one).

EDIT: It looks like it was issue with me not pressing the A knob. Still I have no idea how the aux1-3 settings changes when using daw and analog lab button.

Hi @lightw3d welcome to our community!

Sorry to hear about that, but with did you solve the issue? did you still having problems? Cause I have a Keylab MKII and doesn’t have problems with that but I could look for it. Let me know!


Hi, as mentioned in “edit” section of my first post it was me not pressing the “A” button in “user preset” mode. Still I think it’s unnecessary action needed from user as you can’t really do anything with A “wheel” in user menu by default, if you’re not in preset edit mode - and it needs to hold user button, so you can’t be there accidently I think.
AUX1-3 settings also shouldn’t be dependent by last user custom preset choice - they should have their own CC inaffected by user preset as it makes it less intuitive especially whene midi control center says the daw and analog lab mappings are read only.

Cheers and thank you for the answer!

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