Keylab 61 mk2 crossgrade can’t be sold separately?

Hi all, just noticed that when I look at My Products under Accounts, my new Keylab 61 mk2 states:

Cannot be sold separately

Not sure how a new physical keyboard can be a crossgrade?

In the Keylab 61 section is Analog Lab 4, Analog Pro and Piano V2.

I already owned those before buying the keyboard.

it did also come with Piano v3, that installs as an “ Upgrade from KeyLab 61 MkII” and it installs as a separate product that simply says registered, doesn’t mention being a crossgrade etc

The way it’s worded sort of looks like they are saying I can’t sell the physical keyboard (can’t see myself wanting to sell it) but I presume/hope that what it’s actually saying is that the three pieces of included software shown under the Keylab (see pics) can’t be sold individually, they are tied to my Keylab, hence all have to be sold together?

Although I would have thought they would also have done this with the v3 piano

Here’s pics showing what I mean

Keylab 61 mk2

If I click on the “See More” button

Here’s the v3 Piano

If I click on the “See More” button

Hey @HobGoblyn

As you say, the KL61 is a physical object and common sense would dictate that it’s just referring to the software licences, perhaps if one sells the KS61 then the licences might be transferred with it maybe?
I’ll try and get someone to have a look at this as it could be a little clearer.


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