KeyLab 61 Essential mk3 - Doesn't Control Analog Labs V

OS - Windows 11
DAW - 21.1
Firmware 1.0.17
Midi Port Set 10

When I change [Prog] and switch from DAW to Arturia it’s suppose to give me contextual Analog Labs V command to do things like scroll presets. But nothing happens the screen just says [Arturia Program].

DAW integration works fine and can control stock plug-ins like [FLEX] and scroll presets. But I already can do this in FLkey I bought the Essential to control Analog Labs V.

I may need to return unit as my use case isn’t what I expected.

Hi and welcome to the community.

In the right panel of Analog Lab V under the MIDI tab have you as MIDI Controller selected your Keylab Essential MK3?

(You can control Analog Lab with any controller by creating midi configs.)

OK. Thanks I think I got it now. Every time I open the VST
I need have it set to KL Essential 3 and add midi port 10 and hit enter on program screen.

Yes i don’t have a Arturia controller, but it should be pre mapped, If you have selected your controller in Analog Lab where i described.
Keep in mind that i don’t talk about the Audio and midi settings, but the setting in Analog Labs right panel. If you indeed have selected this setting too, then i suggest you contact Arturia suppport.

If it work outside your DAW, then perhaps it’s another issue.

I got it working. Thanks for your help!

Glad i could help.