Keylab 49 MKII + Apple MainStage: assigning patches to drum pads

Hi, first time Arturia and Apple MainStage user here. I’m switching from my hardware synth setup to an Arturia Keylab 49 MKII + Apple MainStage rig and there’s a couple of things I can’t figure out.

For context: I already followed Arturia’s instructions to configure the KeyLab with my DAW Logic Pro.

  • To quickly access specific patches in MainStage, I want to assign them to some of the drum pads on my KeyLab. Assigning the arrow buttons on the KL to ‘next patch’ and ‘previous patch’ is easy, but I can’t seem to assign the drum pads to anything. I’ve been looking in MIDI Control Center as well, but being new to the software synth world I can’t figure this out. Bonus question: can I get the patch name to show up on the KeyLab’s screen?
  • For some reason, a lot of the buttons on the KeyLab seem to be mapped to high notes. Is there a quick and easy way to reset it, so none of the buttons are mapped to anything to begin with and I can simply map the buttons I need in MainStage?

Thank you for any and all pointers, I’m looking forward to discovering everything KeyLab has to offer!

Hi @manueldelpiloto . Welcome to the community.

The Keylab MK2 pads can afaik send Note, midi CC and Program Change. Which midi message do you need if this is possible in Mainstage? I don’t use MAC at all. I think you just need to find out what’s required in Mainstage.

I don’t think there is a “set all controls in the current template to off” function. I don’t know how a new template opens in Keylab MK2 controllers.
You can change the settings anyway, so what does it matter? Can’t you create your own default template, if you need one?
When pads are used as triggers for drum applications, then NOTE triggers is normal.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll look into creating my own template in Arturia’s MIDI Control Center and brush up on my MIDI knowledge.