Keylab 49 and Analog Lab in Ableton

Hi there, I do apologise if this has all been answered elsewher but I’m not quite sure I can find the info I need.

I’m running Live 11 on a High Sierra mbp. I have the Keylab Mk 3 essential (49 keys) and V Collection (7 I think?)

It seems that others are having similar problems…one of my main reasons for recently buying the Keylab Essential mk 3 was so I could choose patches on V collection synths easily. For about 8 of the synths, the only way I seem able to do this is through using Analog Lab in standalone or Analog Lab as an insert in Ableton. there seems no way of getting for instance a cs80 and its patches displaying on the keyboard if I do this without Analog Lab? Also, midi mapping doesn’t seem very complete for all the synths it literally seems that only half the encoders are mapped? thank you in advance