Keylab 25 in 2024?

This seems like a classic with features not available elsewhere. But the keys coming loose seemed to be a problem and the rubberized coating people are mentioning as going sticky- but there are solutions to that. Thoughts on this oldie?

If I pick one up will it work with the latest Analog Lab V software?

Hi @pinki. Welcome to the community.

As far as i can tell no problem to use it. Minilab 25 can even be selected as controller in the midi config section.
But i’m not sure what to exspect, and i don’t know what you exspect. I don’t know about the controller and what speciel feature i have.

Analog Lab can run in demo mode, so it’s possible to test, if you have the controller.

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I can probably help here because I’m still using the original KeyLab 88 which is basically the same thing as a KL25 but with an 88-key FATAR keybed. In short you’ll find everything still works fine and maps fine with the latest Analog Lab software. In that respect, all is good.

Please check for faulty keybeds. The first range of KeyLab 25/49/61 controllers were plagued with build-quality issues related to the cheap-as-chips keybed that Arturia unfortunately chose to fit to what was otherwise a built-like-a-tank product; I guess they had to skimp on costs somewhere to keep the price accessible, and unfortunately they skimped on the most important part.

I’ve seen KL49’s with ‘raised’ keys straight out the box when new, and I myself spent many hours trying to get the middle Bb to work on KL25 that I bought used for my son in 2017, which packed in just days after I bought it (typical).

Thanks Jon.
So if I wanted to get one I need to get a later iteration. That could be hard to discover in the second hand market.

No I think you’ve misunderstood. There is no ‘later iteration’. By the time the MkII KL range was launched, Arturia had abandoned the idea of 25-note keyboards, so all the KL25’s are Mk1’s with potentially-faulty keybeds.

Maybe the bathtub curve has resulted in all the bad ones having been repaired or scrapped by now, but I would still advise buying one with caution. If you have to buy remotely (via the internet) under no condition buy from someone who can’t prove that every key is working, and at different velocities. Or if they can’t do that, they must agree to a return if you find it to be faulty.

Thanks -really useful info.