Just can't get enough

Sorry if I am boring you. Pigments did it again. It IS one of the most versatile and relentlessly surprising synths. This patch came about from scratch while playing with dual Sample Engines. Heed the notes on playing style to fully enjoy it. Play it loud!
LP_Pigments_Preset_Static Diffusion.pgtx (2.1 MB)


Hey @Funtmaster thanks for keep sharing your passion with Pigments!
This is a brilliant preset! :sparkles:

Hi @Funtmaster,

Thanks for your contributions to the community.

I don’t have the samples you use in your presets. Are you sure it’s basic factory samples like the path suggest? If so i’m missing some samples in my Pigments.

Looks like the sample is from a pack I don’t have either. C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Pigments/Factory/Classic Samples/Hazy Cinematics/Farosee Pluck.wav

Well, first my apologies. I assumed the samples would be included in the exported patch. If you have any idea why this didn’t work - Im all ears.

Sample Engine A uses a sample from the Hazy Cinematics collection.
Sample Engine B uses a sample from the Impacts and SFX collection.

For some reason this forum does not allow me to attach them to this post.

Here is their location on my mac:

Weird. Can’t find “Farosee Pluck” anywhere in the suggested path.

Its weird. I seem to have samples all over the place. I recently moved to a Mac Mini M2 and tried relocating the files after to an external drive. That didn’t work but has maybe screwed things up. I think a complete uninstall/reinstall is in order.

If your computer works for you, please don’t risk messing it up (uninstall/reinstall) on my account. I have downloaded commercially available banks successfully. But yesterday I signed up for the Arturia Forum, saw the preset, and thought I’d give it a try.

The bottom line: If your computer works for you the way it is, I recommend leaving it as is. Of course, if you have been having issues, that’s different.

@Funtmaster Did you use ASC to move your Arturia Resources Directory or do it manually?
I have my folder on a separate internal SSD, moved with ASC, and it works perfectly.

Just click on the down arrow in the yellow area indicated and choose ‘Preferences’, click the ‘Folders’ tab and you’ll see this…

As you can see i’ve moved mine to my 'F:' Drive. Obviously you need to make sure you have enough space and, depending on how much Arturia stuff you have, it can take a little while to move the data.


No need to apologies anything.

Keep in mind that the main sample folder also contain wavetables. So don’t be confused you have duplicate folder names. One inside Classic samples and one outside.

I think perhaps the samples are exported. The preset file size taken into account.
But i don’t know, if it’s possible to import and use the presets samples without owning the commerciel Arturia soundpack from where the samples are from.

Thats what I wondered too. I am loath to start tinkering with my setup as it took several days to get it all working nicely after the hardware migration. I reinstalled the Hazy Cinematics collection, changed the sample Farosee.wav, saved, reselected the Farosee.wav and resaved again. It’s attached if you want to try it. Other than that I think I will move on.
LP_Pigments_Preset_Static Diffusion.pgtx (2.1 MB)

Are you saying that pgtx files contain samples? If so, why is the first version of your Static Diffusion preset the same size as the one allegedly fixed (2.1 MB)?

To me that makes no sense.


I tried downloading the new preset Funtmaster.

I can import the Dojo Perc sample, but not the sample from the soundpack i don’t own. If I’ve own the soundpack and thus paid for the samples, then i think it would work.

With commercial sample packs in generel it’s often not allowed to sell them on and such. So i can imagine it can be some kind of protection. With Arturia sample packs you also have a sort of activation file.

I was thinking along those lines. I have purchased third-party preset packs that included samples created by the developers. I had no problems importing and using them.

Like you, I have Dojo Perc.wav. It is within the Classic Samples\Impacts & SFX folder. I do not have Farosee Pluck.wav because I have not purchased the Hazy Cinematics preset pack.

I think that may be the problem. This seems an annoying limitation when creating patches containing third party samples. I would have thought it possible to allow said samples to be used in the patch without them being available in the downloaders sample library. I create a lot of Pigments patches and will now have to pay attention to the source of samples I am using if I intend to share them - which I do - for free!

“I would have thought it possible to allow said samples to be used in the patch without them being available in the downloaders sample library.”

If there is a way to embed samples in a preset so downloaders don’t need to have access to them in the sample library, that would be good to know. I looked at my purchased third-party banks and their original samples are placed inside a folder within the User folder (not the Factory folder).

Maybe if you want to create presets to share you could use original samples? If not, it might be worthwhile to at least try one.

It seems to me that you still have the option of using Factory samples that either are included or are free. Other options might be to state what packs are needed, suggesting substitutions, making non-sample based presets, etc. Perhaps you could find a close substitution and share two versions, one that requires a paid expansion pack and one that uses a substitution from a common Pigments library.

You might want to ask third-party bank makers for suggestions.

Not to put a damper on your creative sound design efforts; just offering suggestions in case you want to be able to share your presets.

Thanks for the suggestions. Things such as advising people of the pack I used or substitutions all seem a faff and prone to failure. I don’t think I can advise people to buy an entire patch collection just to satisfy my patch creation choices. The simplest solution is to either use the factory samples or completely free samples. So I will try to steer clear of the paid samples.

@Funtmaster @Steve It would indeed be great if samples were embedded in presets, perhaps you could start a feature request?