Jup-8 v3 presets to V4

I have al ot of PT sessions using V3, I have V4 now. I’m on a mac Studio M1/Ventura/PT 2023.9…coming from Mac Pro 2013/Monterey

V3 does not run native . I need to have V4 import many patches that are in V3.
I tried export from V3 but V4 won’t see V3 patches. This seems crazy , or am I?
I sent a support email to Arturia, but I haven’t heard back in days…
Help please!

Unfortunately, the presets don’t transfer between versions. There’s probably too many underlying changes to the sound engine between V3 and V4.

HI @bigbuddy3 and welcome to the Sound Explorers Forum.

Unfortunately i can confirm what @Talahamut stated, there are just too many ‘under the hood’ differences between the two versions.

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