It's here...Polybrute 12!

Daniel Fisher:




Uff, that hurts a bit, but it is really cool!

oh, a dream came true, at least for those who can afford it.

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Great 12 voices but…
Can I also load my purchased patches for the polybrute 6 into the 12?
If I trade in my polybrute 6 with you, how much discount will I get when purchasing the 12?
I’ve only had my 6 for 6 months… :wink:



Hopefully this should make all those disappointed with AstroLab much happier as this one IS designed for knob twisting!! :smiley:

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Is it possible to replace the keybed?
The Poly AT is a nice addition and would certainly upgrade the 6-voice Brute.
I use the “simulated” duophonic AT in almost all of my presets…

Before listening or checking out any further, I have to say it’s beautiful! Love the design!

Yes, you can :slight_smile:

Great… :smiley:

Thanks for reply… :ok_hand:

As more and more Youtube Videos of Andertons (and other tech channels) arise, please give this Synth to a keyboardist or musician who can actually play. It would be so nice to see and hear it played by J3PO or Mike Pensini or Matt Johnson or the likes.

The tech reviewers had their minutes of fame, and some of them arent bad players either but IMHO there is still no real demo out there where you can really tell what that thing is capable of and whats the sonic spectrum.

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I ordered a 12 and exchanged my 6 at a pretty good price at my music store… :ribbon:
(Hopefully there will also be a suitable deck saver)

Would Arturia hand them over in June??? :smile:

+1 for Matt Johnson. But for the love of god don’t ask Jordan Rudess!!!

I really do not enjoy his playing whoever he may have been in his past life.