Issue with drivers but where to begin this party : )?

Ok this is a fun one.
I started with a new arturia. It had input issues with 3-4 inputs so I replaced with new unit. Everything seemed fine. I then started to record into Studio one into OBS for a youtube screen record. All good.

Then I closed everything down. Then restarted OBS and a youtube video to see if it will record my screen as well as it’s audio. Now the youtube video just has a circle spinning and nothing happening.
I close out both programs, and start youtube video then OBS. Both now work.
I then Open Davinci Resolve to do a screen grab thru OBS and hear the audio in resolve thru minifuse 4 but no audio shows up in OBS. I then shut everything down and then open one at a time. Then it works.

Very confused here. Never had this issue with my scarlett box.
I did uninstall the arturia previous software before reinstalling for the new box. Seems like something is not letting go of a driver when turned off?
Any help would be amazing. ; )
Thank you all.

To add to this I have the windows out put set to main l/r and input as mic/line/inst/ 1-2 as prescribed. I of course am using loopback but don’t think it would affect anything on this.

HI @Randyrhoads3

Sorry to read this, in order to help you better please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

I just found there is another person on here with same problem but nothing worked for me. Bummer. Did send to tech support.