Is there a working phone number for customer support in the USA?

Does anyone know if there is a working phone number to Arturia customer support in the USA? The only number they gave me is in France.


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There is no available phone numbers for our customer support in the US, please make sure to contact us through the support section for us to get back to you with relevant solutions.

If you already have submitted a request and would like to enquire about in progress servicing do make sure to reply to the agent handling your request.

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I have contacted support by e-mail. See this thread:

Arturia Customer Service is very SLOW with their e-mail communication, as I’m sure you are aware.

It is taking a ridiculous amount of time to get my unit repaired. It’s been over a month of waiting for a reply to each email I send. It averages a week or two for them to respond. They still haven’t answered me about where to send it or how to pay for it.

One phone call and I could have had all my answers, the unit shipped, repaired and sent back to me by now.

I got a reply today from Arturia accusing me of NOT replying to their messages. LOL!!!



Before signing your document I need some questions answered but you ignored that EMAIL and claim I am holding YOU up.
Your support request number (933239) is now pending for 10 days.

We yet received no news from your side, and may need your feedback to resolve your request.

Can you please get back to us as soon as you can?

/!\ After 20 days pending, your case will be considered as solved and automatically closed.

Best regards

The Arturia support team.

If you’re pressed for time, why not just phone them? They reply to emails in English, so I reckon they can speak it pretty well. I’m in the UK and I’ve had occasion to speak to customer service centres in the US, Ireland, and elsewhere. You just have to work out the time difference and you’re good to go.

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can you direct me to the number? I can’t find it anywhere